Vision, Mission, Core Value, Strategy


Become a leading, modern and Islamic university in 2020 and able to compete in global level in international activities.


a. Improve global competitiveness by conducting various international activities

b. Improving visibility and image of University of Muhammadiyah Kalimantan Timur (UMKT) in both national and international level

c. Improve the standards of the International Relation Office’s service

d. Develop and socialize the internationalization policy of campus

e. Encourage discussion of local and international issues on higher education and its challenges

f. Facilitate the international institutional exchange

g. Improving the international academic atmosphere in UMKT

h. Facilitate the learning process with international standard

i. Facilitate inbound and outbound mobility for student and staff

j. Facilitate the mobility of international research

Core Value





  1. Develop a program to improve the capacity of lecturers who meet the international qualification.
  2. Continuous development of curriculum and syllabus to meet international standard,  as well choose the focus of courses that have international appeal to elevate local excellence to the world level.
  3. Improving cooperation with  foreign universities in the implementation of education, improving the quality of education process and research cooperation.
  4. The gradual internationalization of research result begins with the publication of an accredited journal in English published online (open access) and encourage lecturers to publish research result in international journal.